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Handcrafted by Bazlur

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Custom hand crafted by me Shaving Products and other hobby crafts, including leather works.

my background is Engineering (M.Sc & M.Eng (Microelectronic/Telecom).

 Hand crafts and outdoor sports, especially Sport Fishing is my main hobby. I traveled many countries.

 I speak fairly French, Russian (Excellent) and Bengali, some Hindi and Urdu.

I also make Fishing rod,  Fly Fishing stuffs, leather works and paracord lanyards sometimes

I have other websites:

http://paracordlanyard.com  (Leather crafts and fishing accessories)

http://fishingandleathercraft.webs.com  (fishing accessories and leather crafts)

CORDOVAN BIFOLD WALLET- Inner parts made with tochigi leather- Natural and similar one with Buttero chestnut color. Fully handmade and handstitched.

Female Wallet Designed by Japanese craftsman. This is the interior of my Montbelle (Epi) 🇫🇷- Calfskin below. 

Interior leather: Alran - Chevre Chagrin "Sully" - Goat Leather(France).

Female Japan designed Wallet made by me. Leather: Montbelle (Epi) 🇫🇷- Calfskin Leather - Made in France widely used by Louis Vuitton and Hermes.

Lock made by Swiss company- one of the best in the world. 

Made with Japanese biker long wallet with Tochigi leather upper and inner parts are Buttero Walpier of Italy
English Sedgwick Bridle leather belt with Quick release firefighter buckle.

Handmade Japanese style of long wallet and also called bikers long wallet.

24K Gold Plated Gillette Bullet style Fusion/Prodglide Razor with Mother of Pearl S made Trustone handle

Handle made of Black Mother of Pearl Tru-stone

Pink Mother of Pearl Tru-Stone handle

Box Elder Burl wood shaving Brush with 2-band finest badger hairClick here to edit text

Box Elder Burl wood Black Titanium Coated Gillette Mach 3

Beautiful Australian Brown Malle Silvertip badger hair Shaving Brush

Desert Ironwood silvertip shaving Brush-Sold

Australian Red Morrell burl wood handleSOLD

Desert Ironwood Silvertip Shaving Brush with mother of pearl inlay- Sold

Beautiful Stabilized Box Elder sold

Beautiul Black Ash Burl wood Silvertip Shaving Brush Sold with set

Gillette Fusion/Proglide with 24K gold plated and Made with USA made Trustone(Gold web)

SilverTip white & Black Tru-stone shaving Brush

White and Gold web Trustone Majestic Mach 3 Razor handle SOLD

Stabilized Box Elder Burlwood with the premium Silvertip badger hair knots and a beautiful Made in Japan from New Zealand abalone

Spalted Maple Burl Wood Fusion/Prodglide Razor

Vertex Click Pen with polar ice swirl acrylic blank

Stabilized box Elder

Australian Vasticola Burl Wood with silvertip Badger hair Shaving Brush

Beautiful Australian York Gum Burl Silvertip shaving Brush

Gillette Fusion with Tru-Stone Razor

Black&White Tru-Stone

Desert Ironwood Shaving brush

Burl Desert Ironwood Gillette Fusion Razor SOLD

Leopard skin Jasper Trustone Silvertip Shaving Brush

Stabilized Black Ash burl Fusion Razor with 24K gold plated hardware

Shaving Stand with Maple burl wood and Deluxe Chrome plated stand.

Made of Stabilized higly Figured Maple Burl Wood with deluxe shaving stand and perfectly turned and finished with Cianocrylate and BLO and then waxed to avoid finger prints

Shaving Set with Stabilized Black Ash Burl Wood(Sold)

I use this brush made of Muhle synthetic hair with Japanese made abalone inlay on Corrutata Burl Wood found in Australia. Highly figured aussie burls are very expensive too.

Majestic Mach 3 Razor with Deer Antler SOLD

Maple Burl with Finest hair and Japanese made abalone inlay on the handle  SOLD

Fishing Priest

Maple Burl Wood with  paua abalone inlay silvertip badger hair Shaving Brush

Black Titanium  finished Siera Ball point pen Pen with highly figured Amboyna Burl wood for Sale (ask for price)

Beautiful Majestic brand Mach3 Razor with chrome gold titanium finish. The acrylic blank is called "Plated Earth"

Australian highly figured Brown Mallee Silvertip Shaving Brush

My handstitched Leather sheath-sold 5 years ago to an electrician in California.

Hand-stitched by me Leather Fly Reel Case- 10 years ago-sold- has similar one for sale


Swiss Cyber Tool Leather case Handmade by me- This my one, but can be made new case by hand-50 US with Free shipping to USA and overseas. Canada 5$ extra for shipping.

Box Elder Burl wood silvertip shaving brush with abalone inlay

Titanium Gold Finish Olive Wood burl handle

Box Elder Burl wood  Silvertip shaving Brush


Handmade Malachite Tru stone Gillette Fusion shaving Razor handle

Made with Black Mother of Pearl Trustone 

Bocote wood Gillette Mach 3 / Venus Razor handle

My mobile phone case fully handcrafted by me with high quality leather and metal accessories are Japanese and Tandy Lether supply(button only). Very soon I will enlist  new cases for iphone and samsong in etsy and ebay sites for sale

Handmade Leather Fishing Belt and Fishing pliers sheath(knipex pliers), Leather Rod holder

Stabilized Spalted Maple

Dyed  and stabilized Box-Elder Burl Wood

Stabilized by me HollyLand Olive Wood

Japanese style long wallet(Biker wallet)

Bifold Wallet with Italian and Belgium leather with 5 slots, one bill pocket, 2 hidden pockets(can be store credit cards) and coin zipper slot(bag)

Men's Shinku Hikaku Shell Cordovan leather wallet, Interior famous Tochigi glazed leather

Handmade Leather fishing or electrical work pliers- Knipex(Germany) and Gedore(Austria) electrical pliers/ non electrical only or similar size

Recently I made for myself this small fishing pliers with Knipex 125mm side cutter electronic pliers. Handmade by me with European leather and with German made thread and Japanese made Clasp(brass with nickel plated)

Handle made with acrylic material and Finest badger hair

Handle made with Black and white Tru-stone. The Razor head is from Feather Japanese company. The cheapest feather butterfly DE razor with plastic handle. It is better than any other german or British made DE razor heads, when comes to comfort shaving with feather blade

Without blade, the Awl is 80mm long with the ferrule and tiny and slimmer than normal awl to fit in my finger.Blade from Vergez Blaanchard of France